Welcome to Matching Miss Universe! An alien dating game show hosted by the illustrious Johnny Comet! The rules are simple, we start with one human player, and try to set them up on a date with one of three beautiful alien contestants. The human will get to ask questions, and eliminate aliens one at a time until there is only a single contestant left. At that point in time, the human will get to take the alien on a date that is out of this world!

Submitted to Beginners Circle Jam #3

Johnny Comet - Tylan James

3D Artist - Patryk Koper https://www.artstation.com/perko

2D Artist - Karina Lameka https://www.artstation.com/lameka

Sound Designer - Nico Inghilterra https://soundcloud.com/nicoingh

Menu Programmer - Edwin Yaoyo https://edwinyauyo.itch.io/

Game Programmer - Ethan Pearce https://ecraepnahte.itch.io/


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I knew it would be funny just hearing the host's voice. But it was better! Amazing sound design. Loved the endings.

Thank you! Our sound designer really did great work. It was a fun project, and we are glad you liked it.


So funny! Great, completely original concept. Really funny characters and amazing 3D artwork and sound design for a jam. That there is no need for a tutorial or written instructions, means great design work to make such a clear experience given it is such a unique concept and take on the theme.

Thank you! It was a really fun project to make, I am glad that the fun came out on the other side.